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The Fit for Vikings Experience


Comprising a haircut, beard/moustache trim and shaping (or wet shave), the full range of Fit for Vikings products, facial cleansing treatments and an assortment of shaving lotions there's no better way to spend an hour and 45 minutes of your day.

This is not just any experience, this is the Fit for Vikings Experience.

Hårklipp og skjeggtrim kombo / Haircut and Beard trim combo


Hårklipp og barbering kombo / Haircut and Shaving combo


Hårklipp / Haircut


From skin fade to a classic all over scissor cut, and everything in between, our barbers have you covered! With an appointment duration of approx 50 minutes, there are no shortcuts taken at Fit for Vikings Barbershop.

Skjeggtrim og forming / Beard trim and shaping


At Fit for Vikings Barbershop we take beards very seriously.

With a detailed consultation, immaculate three step beard trim and shaping, the beard washed with the Fit for Vikings beard soap, and a full on pampering service featuring hot and cold towels and the full suite of Fit for Vikings products, this is certainly no ordinary beard trim - this is the Fit for Vikings beard trim.

Barbering av hodet / Cut throat head shave


There's nothing that quite matches up to the full majesty of a cut throat head shave.

With the head fully trimmed, and prepared with hot towel, Fit for Vikings pre-shave oil and shaving cream, just sit back and relax in the elegance of a full cut throat head shave. It may sound brutal, but it is a thing of pure beauty!

Cold towel and post shave lotions to finish.

Barbering / Cut throat shaving


For that extra close shave, nothing matches up to the cut throat.

With the face fully prepped with hot towel, Fit for Vikings pre-shave oil and shave cream, lay back and relax as we take care of you and your stubble!

Hot towel, cold towel, and post shave lotions to finish.

Bartetrim og forming m/barbering / Moustache trim and shaping w/cut throat shaving


We take moustaches no less seriously than we do our beards at the Fit for Vikings Barbershop.

So enjoy all the goodness of the beard trim, but with a little more cut throat shaving, and Fit for Vikings moustache wax to finish!

Basic beard trim


Don't have time for the full beard trim and shaping service? No problem.

With the basic beard trim we'll have your beard tidied up and looking great, with the minimum of fuss.

Please note this service does not include any cut throat shaving.

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